Carved Drinking Horns

Drinking Horns are available in various designs but few are more stylish than the hard carved varieties. Discover out top picks of carved drinking horns as rated by the actual customers who purchased them.

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Hand Carved Drinking Horns

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Best Carved Horn

Carved Drinking Horn

Superb hand carved drinking horn with brass tip and rim. The carving is of Thors Hammer for all our Viking fans.

At 13 Inches long this horn holds approximately 16-20 ounces or 300-500mL.

Complete with its own stand, also made out of matching horn, you are set for a great display piece and a holder for when consuming your beverage.

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Carved Mug Set

Thor Hammer Horn Mug Set

Medieval Norse style drinking horn mug with Thor's hammer engraved on the side.

Comes complete with matching shot cup, bottle opener and spoon all also made from authentic horn.

This is a great set to add to your collection or to buy a Marvel or Game of Thrones fan. 

All pieces are polished and treated for the premium look and feel. 

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Why Buy a Carved Horn?

It is believed that in the past standard drinking horns with no carvings or decorations may have been used by the general population. These would have been used for consuming drinks on a daily basis.

The more decorated horns however, such as the carved drinking horns, may have been reserved for the elite status of Greek gods, Roman kings, and ruling Norsemen.

Carving and decorating a drinking horn requires skill and patience. As such it makes sense that the more decorative designs would only belong to those of higher wealth.

By choosing a quality carved drinking horn, you can experience a mystical ancient drinking experience.

Ancient Celtic and Viking drinking horns had engraved patterns, unique designs, and were ornamented with different fittings and materials.

Gain a similar possession by choosing a hand carved horn found on this page.

How Carved Drinking Horns Are Made

The carved drinking horns found on this page are unique pieces sourced from quality suppliers.

We want you to have a valuable experience. As such, every piece has seen the required skill and precision to deliver the best outcome.

Along with the final product, it is the making of a drinking horn that makes your drinking experience truly valuable.

Cleaning and Curing a Drinking Horn

Most authentic carved drinking horns are sourced from hunted or reared cattle. To provide you with a safe drinking vessel, all of these drinking horns are ethically sourced, cleaned and cured.

This process involves the removal of the inner core or the spongy insides. Typically, the horn is soaked in hot water to soften the insides before they are scraped out.

After a final cleaning procedure, the horn is processed for designing.

Carving the Horn

Next the drinking horn is carved with different shapes and patterns. Some customers may prefer to retain the natural look of the horn, while others, such as yourself want a more creative touch.

Here, skilled hands come into the picture and work their magic to carve unique styles into the horn.

The horn may also be decorated with fittings such as a brass tip or ring, to give it the look of a priceless asset.

The Final Finishing

Before being processed for sale, the beautifully carved drinking horns undergo a final finish. Some horns are given a rustic look while others are polished to perfection for a classier finish.

The insides of each drinking horn are typically susceptible to degradation due to the acidic contents of drinks. Coating the inside with beeswax or similar material is done to provide you with a safe drinking experience.

However it is important that you follow a quality cleaning process after each use to ensure your drinking horn remains looking its best for years to come.

Drinking, during an occasion or otherwise, is an experience that gets enriched with carved drinking horns. Choose one from this page and enjoy the adventure.

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