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Most Attractive Design

Glass Drinking Horn with Elegant Stand

When only the best will do! This 20cm glass drinking horn has an exquisitely handcrafted Pewter stand that commands respect.

Bring out the Royal in you or give as a gift set for the centre stage on the mantlepiece.

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Best Small Glass Horn

Small Capacity But Still Sensational

Drink like Norseman without the guilt of impacting our animal friends.

Excellent workmanship in this superb product. Grab a few and add to your dinner set collection for those Viking special occassions.

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Historical Use of Glass Drinking Horns

Drinking horns have been used by civilisations across the globe. While their origin is widely associated with Greeks and Romans, they are found in other parts of the world too, especially in middle civilizations.

History reveals the use of drinking horns made of raw cattle horns, metal, wood and even glass.

From gods and kings to general people, all many used drinking horns for various purposes. In most cultures, glass drinking horns symbolised high status.

As you would imagine, glass drinking horns are made purely of glass. The glass is blown by skilled craftsmen to give a crescent shape that resembles a horn.

Ancient times saw glass drinking horns with metal linings and decorations to give the vessel a luxurious look.

One can also find figures resembling a faun’s head on remnants of ancient glass drinking horns. However, modern versions usually do not have fittings or patterns that ornament the glass horn.

If you are a Vikings or Game of Thrones fan, a glass drinking horn is a must-have to add to your collection. Many of your favourite characters used glass drinking horns to savour their homemade ale and mead.

The age of the Vikings also viewed glass drinking horns as a symbol of royalty. It was also used it for ceremonial and gifting purposes.

Get Your Own Glass Drinking Horn

Now is your chance to get your hands on your own glass drinking horn. Whether you want to drink like a wealthy King or want to add it to your list of antique possessions, our glass drinking horns will serve any purpose.

So, wait no more and feel rich by grabbing one of the glass drinking horns on offer on this page. Possessing one of our glass drinking horns will surely leave you with an enriched drinking experience.

Perfect for Everyday Drinking

Glass drinking horns are a perfect choice for a trendy drinking vessel. Relishing your drink from your regular glass is old and boring. For an exciting experience, Drinking Horns for Sale brings you a variety of drinking horns made from glass.

Drinking ale or mead from a horn is reminiscent of the mystical past. It drives you back to the days of gods, rulers, and Vikings.

Since glass is synonymous with royalty, drinking from or simply owning a glass drinking horn is quite special.

When you buy a glass drinking horn, you are not only reminded of the royal past, but you also own a valuable, age-old asset.

Most glass drinking horns shown on our site come with a convenient wooden holder or leather strap that is crafted to perfection. Apart from drinking from it, you can use these drinking horns as valuable gifts for loved ones or as an addition to your collectable treasures.

Whatever you choose to do with it, our glass drinking horns will surely add charisma and functionality to your drinking sessions.

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