Norwegian Drinking Horns

The origin of using a horn as a drinking vessels belongs to the Scandinavian region which includes Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. If you are a Viking enthusiast you must add a Norwegian drinking horn to your collection.

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Set of 2 Royal Horns

Carved & Brass Tipped Drinking Horns

Exclusively from Highbix, this set of 2 royal drinking horns are a prized possession.

Decked to the nines with brass decorations, carved and folded back handles, they both come with matching stands.

These are large horns with 20 ounce capacity each. When only the finest will do, you will not disappoint with this selection.

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Horn Mug Set

Large Drinking Horn Mug & Shot Set

Produced by Jomsborg this 20 ounce large drinking horn mug fits comfortably in the hand for enjoying your favourite beverage. 

Complete with a shot cup also made from horn this is a perfect set that makes an excellent gift.

With a 100% leak free satisfaction and 4.4 out of 5 starts you are assured of another quality product here.

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Authentic Norwegian Drinking Horns

Our authentic Nordic drinking horns are made from genuine cattle horn, but for the animal lovers you may choose a design in glass or plastic. Most of these come with a leather strap or with classy stands.

Each authentic drinking horn is either given a rough texture to portray a natural look or a polished stylish finish. Perfect for travelling back to Norseman Seafarer era.

Drinking Horn Cups, Mugs and Tankards

If you are a tippler that wants the comfort of modern drinking vessel that fits snuggly in your hand, but can also support itself on a table, then our drinking horn mugs, cups and tankards are perfect for you.

We have a wide range of drinking horn mugs that are reminiscent of the distant past while living up to the expectations of your trendy soul.

Drink traditional mead, ale, beer or another tasty beverage. Hold your drink up high to celebrate your victory, cheers and skull it down!

The association of Norway and drinking horns can be traced back to historical times. Back then, old Norse Seafarers or Vikings were known as any person from Scandinavia.

Although, Odin cautioned against unrestrained drinking, drinking alcoholic beverages, whether daily or for ceremonial purposes, was a prominent feature of a Scandinavian’s life.

As you must have guessed by now, drinking horns made of cattle horns, glass, metal, or wood were used by these historical warriors for savouring drinks.

As such, these Norwegian drinking horns can take you back in time as you relax with your beverage. While you will have to physically travel to these regions to experience the northern lights, a drinking vessel will help you experience their lifestyle all those years ago.

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Drinking Horns for Sale was started with the sole purpose of serving the drinking community with a distinctive experience. And, what better way than drinking horns to do that.

We offer a wide range of drinking horns, from authentic to plastic, glass, and Norwegian style drinking horns.

Each Scandinavian drinking horn offered offered on this site is one of a kind. It is crafted to perfection by skilled artisans to provide users with a rare possession and ultimate drinking experience.

Every Norwegian drinking horn undergoes a curing and coating process to ensure the safety of those who consume from it.

Whether you seek an ancient looking piece or a modern-day classic, you can find them both here. We have authentic drinking horns for true historical enthusiasts and drinking horn cups for the modern-day Vikings.

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