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Enjoy the experience of a drinking horn without the worry of it coming from an animal. Also, while glass can break, plastic is safe, even for kids.

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Most Popular Plastic Horn Options

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Our #1 Plastic Drinking Horn

BPA Free Drinking Horn with Stand

A medieval inspired drinking horn that can hold 16oz of liquid. Made from high quality BPA free plastic with great eye-catching design, you are sure to gain the attention you deserve.

A superb replica of the authentic Viking drinking horns at a value for money price too. The mug stands at 15 to 18 inches which give adequate height for displaying and holding your beverage.

Other features that make this plastic Viking drinking horn special are the stone stand and the leather shoulder strap.

Overall this is our #1 choice for the plastic drinking horn varieties, which is also available in a dark version too.

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Perfect For Die Hard Coffee Lovers

Death Wish Coffee - Plastic Drinking Horn

Make a strong coffee and drink it out of the best coffee cup in the world! 

Inspired by Viking drinking horns, this unique coffee cup is truly one of a kind. Being plastic it can handle hot and cold beverages of every kind, so you are not limited by any means with this choice of drinking horn.

Easily carry it around with you on the go, or keep it for use in the office or at home only. The choice is yours, but just get ready for the impact you will experience with every use.

Know someone who loves a strong coffee? They need this.

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Change Your Everyday Drinking Vessel

If you’ve gotten bored of drinking from pint glasses, flasks, or chalices, it’s time you switch to a drinking horn.

Drinking horns are trendy containers in the crescent shape of the horn of a bovid. They are used by modern-age Vikings to reminisce the ancient times when cherishing ale, mead or any tasty beverage.

Traditional authentic drinking horns are made from Cattle horn however you can also find glass or plastic drinking horns. These non-animal types of drinking horns are more sturdy and longer lasting.

While the authentic horns should be saved for special occasions, plastic drinking horns are perfect for everyday use.

You can find a variety of drinking horns for a great drinking experience available on our site. While some people prefer antique drinking horns made of cattle horns or glass, others want drinking horns made of a animal-friendly material. In these cases, plastic and glass horns are perfect.

Drinking Horns for Sale offers an extensive range of plastic drinking horns for all you caring souls. All plastic drinking horns are made of BPA-free plastic and finished to provide you with a unique drinking experience.

Carry yours for adventures and events or use it daily. The best part about plastic horns is they are very durable and won’t break or get damaged easily like the authentic of glass options.

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Drinking Horns for Sale is here to serve alcohol lovers and history fanatics with a way to enhance their drinking experience.

Travellers, adventure enthusiasts, explorers, and tipplers need a vessel that not only adds excitement to drinking but is also hassle-free to carry and use. To serve the distinctive needs of such adventurers, we offer you plastic drinking horns too.

All the plastic drinking horns available on this page are unique pieces that have undergone the precision of skilled hands. Plastic drinking containers are often surrounded by safety concerns due to toxic materials.

At Drinking Horns for Sale, we provide quality products that adhere to strict safety standards.

All plastic drinking horns on our site are made of BPA-free plastic to offer our customers with a safe and enriched drinking experience. With our plastic drinking horns you need not worry about the dangers that come with BPA plastic.

Crafted to provide modern souls an extraordinary experience, you will find plastic drinking horns that come with leather straps or a drinking horn stand.

Hang your drinking horn from the shoulder or wear it across your body using the leather strap to carry it with ease. Drinking horn stands can also be useful to prevent your drink from spilling and can be used to place your horn safely on display after usage.

When you are visiting the local drinking hole or joining a Viking parade, plastic drinking horns can take you back in time without the concern of their delicate authentic counterparts.

They work great as interior décor pieces too. Hang them on your wall or place it in your showcase cabinet. If you are a regular drinker, our plastic drinking horns are a must-have. Of course you can always choose both a plastic version and the real thing.

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