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Best Drinking Horns Set

Set of 4 Viking Drinking Horns

Gather your friends to enjoy a Viking feast with this awesome set of four authentic horns each with its own stand.

Unlike other horn and stand sets, these ones come decorated with brass tips and rims. Also, these drinking horns are carved with a symbol of Thor's Hammer.

As each horn is unique you can rest assured that no two horns or sets will be identical. As such, each horn will hold approx. 10-16 ounces (300-500mL).

Leak-free and coasted with a waterproof interior, these polished horns are truly a standout.

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Best Horn Mugs Set

6 x 750mL Drinking Horn Mugs

Want to hold more beverage in your drinking horn and not have to worry about placing it gently back in its holder during swigs? These horn mugs are for you.

This matching set of 6 mugs are super high quality with premium wooden base to ensure a leak free product.

Ranging from 6-7 inches in height, each mug will hold 550-750mL of your favourite cold beverage, be it beer, mead, wine, ale or anything you desire.

Beautifully crafted with rings carved into the middle of the cup and an easy to hold handle.

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The Finest Genuine Viking Drinking Horns

We take great pride in presenting you with superior quality products that have earned outstanding reviews from real customers.

Browse our site to find a wide range of quality drinking horns fit for history enthusiasts, including brass rim options fit for antique collectors or just a modern Viking fan. We also cater to those with a deep love for drinking beer, mead, ale and other tasty beverages.

A Viking drinking horn is the perfect item to take to a Medieval festival. Or how about giving one as a gift to surprise the friend who has it all? You could also get a matching pair and have your own Viking party, toasting and spilling your ale all over the place.

Not a fan of the fact that traditional ox horn tankards that are hand cut from a living animal? You’ll be pleased to know we have authentic looking horns available made from other materials including glass or plastic.

For those that are hear for the real thing, it is good to know that all horns are ethically sourced. Also as each authentic horn mug comes from a living animal, each one of them is unique in the colours, textures and patterns. 

By offering various horn sizes and styles that have a high star rating, some with free shipping and prices to suit all budgets, we are sure you will find exactly what you desire here at Drinking Horns For Sale.

Unleash Your Hidden Viking

There is something very special that happens when you grasp a traditional drinking vessel in your own hand. Words cannot describe the awaking of something inside you that takes place.

It is almost like a hidden Viking is shaken back into existence from within your bloodline passed down from countless generations before you.

There is only one way for you to experience this for yourself. That is to order, possess and hold your own horn mug or full length drinking horn and drink like your ancestors did.

Viking drinking horns also make a perfect gift for anyone that loves the medieval times or for someone that has it all. They also make great wedding, birthday and other celebratory gifts.

Prepare Yourself For The Experience

Most people that purchase drinking horns for the first time are quite impressed with their appearance and texture when they finally get to hold the real thing.

However, one thing that may be unpleasant can be the smell of bone. Of course this is to be expected if you order an authentic horn.

Most manufactures say that this smell should disappear with normal use over time, but you may want to give it a good rinse before first use. Just make sure to always follow the manufactures directions for cleaning to avoid damaging your new product.

Apart from this you will now own a truly age old traditional product, fit for enjoying your favourite beverage.

Check out the products listed on our site, keep an eye out for free shipping, read the product description and choose a product that comes with a horn stand for display purposes when not in use.

We wish you all the best on your new adventure!

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