Drinking Horns New Zealand Buyers Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on selecting the perfect drinking horn in New Zealand.

This guide is tailored for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, aiming to make your purchase both enjoyable and informed.

Understanding Drinking Horns

Drinking horns, steeped in history and tradition, are not just vessels for your beverages; they are a piece of cultural heritage.

Originating from various ancient cultures, including the Vikings and Celts, these horns are crafted from bovine or buffalo horns and are often adorned with intricate designs.

Choosing the Right Horn

  • Quality: Look for horns that are smoothly polished and free of cracks or holes. The interior should be properly sealed, usually with beeswax, to prevent leakage.
  • Size: Drinking horns come in various sizes. Consider how you intend to use it – whether for display or drinking – to determine the appropriate size.
  • Design: From simple, natural finishes to elaborately carved motifs, choose a design that reflects your personal style and the occasion for which you’ll use the horn.

Caring for Your Drinking Horn

Proper care extends the life of your drinking horn. Always hand wash with mild soap and avoid hot liquids to preserve the integrity of the horn. After washing, allow it to air dry completely before storing.

Why Choose a Drinking Horn?

Drinking horns offers a unique experience, bringing a touch of historical elegance to your gatherings. They are perfect for thematic events, renaissance fairs, or as a conversation piece in your home bar.

Make Your Purchase with Confidence

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