Authentic Drinking Horns

Authentic drinking horns provide an enriching experience. Made from genuine bovine horn you gain the exact feel and texture of how drinking horns were back in medieval ages. Drink from one and be transported back to these ancient times.

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Traditional Drinking Horn

20" Viking Drinking Horn with Stand

Genuine authentic drinking horn with stand made from the same horn. Also included is a burlap gift sack to make this product a perfect gift.

All livestock are ethically sourced and are of the highest quality. Once the horn is obtained they are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.

Available in 12" (30cm) or 20" (50cm) these classic drinking horns are polished to near perfection and sealed.

With over 1800 5 star reviews and a 1 year warranty you are ensured a quality product here. Get one, show it off on your mantle and enjoy your desired beverage on those special occasions.


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Drinking Horn Mug

XL Authentic Drinking Horn Tankard

At 24 Ounce capacity, this is the perfect drinking vessel with a study handle to enjoy your Mead, Ale, Beer or other cold beverage.

The flat wooden base allows you to rest your mug on the table easily when in use. With a lifetime leakproof warranty you can be sure that this will stand the test of time.

These premium handcrafted tankard will take you back to medieval times. With over 2500 5 star reviews this top seller is a favourite among everyone.

Treated with food safe sealant and ethically sourced, you can sit back and enjoy this original style drinking horn mug.

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History of Authentic Drinking Horns

History tells us that drinking horns have been around for millennia, dating back to 8th century BC. As per archaeological records, Vikings used them as drinking vessels.

Traditionally drinking horns were crafted from the horn of a bovid mammal. These include bison, African buffalo, water buffalo, antelopes, sheep, goats, muskoxen, and domestic cattle.

Over the years drinking horns have also been produced from other materials including plastic. However the authentic style, being the original, remains highly sought after.

Drinking horns made of horns, antlers, metal and glass, have been used by civilisations across the globe. Although they originated independently in different ancient cultures, they are typically connected with Scandinavians, Greece and Romans.

The middle ages saw drinking horns extend their reach to various parts of Europe. Here they gained wide popularity amongst noble households. This period also saw horn cups and full horns being used for ceremonies, as decorations and as gifts.

Called by the name of khantsi (Georgia) or keras (Greek), authentic drinking horns have been, and continue to be a truly priced possession.

Authentic Drinking Horns in Modern Times

The 19th and the early 20th century saw production of lavishly decorated horns. Drinking horns made of gold, ivory, or silver were indeed luxury items. Various drinking horns were also used for ritual drinking during this period.

Over time, drinking horns have evolved through generations. Today they are available in various sizes and shapes. From small to large they are also available in different materials like glass and plastic.

Modern day entertainment programs such as Vikings and Game of Thrones, present Vikings as an idol or heroic warrior. Since they are closely associated with drinking horns, this recent presence has lead to a fascination towards this antique drinking vessel.

Why Choose an Authentic Drinking Horn?

Authentic drinking horns are produced using traditional techniques. As such, when you drink from an authentic drinking horn you traverse to a unique and historic culture.

Authentic drinking horns like the products shown on this page are handcrafted by skilled artisans and are either raw or polished to perfection. Either way you are provided with a distinctive and enriched experience with every use.

Whether you plan to use yours for a historical role play or want to indulge in an enriched drinking experience with a group of friends, our authentic drinking horns are perfect for any occasion.

Awaken the Viking inside you and quench your thirst with our range of authentic drinking horns.

Want to go BIGGER? Choose our large and XL authentic drinking horns.

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