How to Clean a Drinking Horn

Just purchased your first genuine drinking horn and need to know how to clean and care for it? Worry Not. Just skip ahead to the cleaning-after-use section.

Cleaning and Curing a Raw Drinking Horn

Cleaning and curing are essential steps that are needed before you use a raw drinking horn. Typically, when you buy a finished drinking horn, it is already cleaned, cured and sealed as part of the manufacturing process. This ensures instant safe usage.

As you will find on our site, we only recommend products that have undergone these processes.

If a raw drinking horn is used before being coated and cleaned, in most cases, the drinking horns would give out an off-putting smell. To get rid of that smell and clean it, you need to cure the drinking horn.


Note: The following steps are not required for any Drinking Horns sold on this site. All products found on this site are cleaned and cured drinking horns, ready for use. See below for cleaning a drinking horn after use.

To cure a raw drinking horn you would first, soak it for about an hour in hot water mixed with dish soap. Once done, scrub it with a bottle brush and rinse it. In case of a sealed horn, use lukewarm water.

To remove any unwanted odor or smell, you can use a mix of 50 percent of water and 50 percent of alcohol. Use a pharmaceutical alcohol. Let the solution soak for 24 hours. Keep checking the horn in between and top it off with more solution if you see any getting soaked in the horn. Rinse your horn after 24 hours. If the horn is unsealed you may want to use beeswax or salad bowl finish to seal it for safe drinking.


Alternatively, we recommend you choose to purchase a cleaned and cured drinking horn that is ready for use.

As mentioned, all products advertised on this website are cleaned, cured and ready for use.

Cleaning Your Drinking Horn After-Use

Drinking horns must be hand washed after each usage. This helps them look fresh and new.

However, you should never place one in a dishwasher machine. Drinking horns should only ever be hand washed.

While it is tempting to leave the washing of your drinking horn until the morning after your big event, it is important to note that the longer you leave your unwashed drinking horn, the more damage can be caused by the acidic contents of the beverage you were consuming.

If left unwashed for too long (even a few hours) the acids can break down the protective coatings and unseal the horn. This can cause permanent and irreversible damage.

Be Gentle When Cleaning

When cleaning your drinking horn use lukewarm water, a hand cloth and a soft bottle brush to clean the deepest parts of a sealed, usable drinking horn. Rinse it with fresh water and let it air dry or dry with a towel. Then your horn is ready to be used again!

By implementing these simple care tips on how to clean a drinking horn you can help preserve your horn for a long time to come.

Just remember to avoid the dishwasher or any harsh cleaning chemicals or hard/stiff brushes as you don’t want to ruin your prized possession.

Instead, you can use a drinking horn as it was meant to be used. That is, as an enjoyable experience for consuming any beverage, be it wine, beer, mead, ale or anything else for that matter.

Drinking horns enhance your drinking experience. Whether you are new to them or wish to buy more, you can find plenty of varieties here at Drinking Horns for Sale.

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