Large Drinking Horns

Stand out at your next event with an oversized large or extra-large drinking horn. Standard sizes are usually around 6-12 inches, but to make onlookers jealous you need a 20+ inch authentic drinking horn. 

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Drinking Horn with Strap

XL Drinking Horn with Leather Belt

With a 1600mL to 1800mL capacity, this drinking drinking horn is too large to fit in a traditional stand. As such it comes with a leather belt for you to strap to your waist when not in use.

Command respect when drinking from this extra large drinking horn. Each horn is unique but they all range between 20 to 23 inches long. Time to join the big league!

Click the link below to find the sellers offering this product before they sell out! Then get ready to fill up this beast and enjoy your favourite cold beverage.

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Multiple Size Options

Gigantic 4 Liter Drinking Horn

The team at Mythrojan have outdone themselves with a range of drinking horns from 150mL to 4L capacity. Is 4L too big? Choose a 500mL, 1L, 2.5L or 3L option to suit your needs.

Drinking from these genuine horns will make you feel like a noble knight or true Viking warrior celebrating a victorious battle.

Each one come with a protective bag and a lifetime guarantee. What more could you ask for when looking for a large drinking horn?

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Go Big with a Large or XL Drinking Horn

When people normally go shopping for a drinking horn they end up with a standard size of up to 12 inches. Now there is nothing wrong with that, heck they are usually easier to handle and drink from, making them more practical for everyday use.

But we all know that sometimes you need to go large! This is the whole reason we made this page and are showcasing the biggest horns you can buy.

This range of larger drinking horns are made from authentic Ox or Cattle horn. They are considerably larger than other products allowing them to hold more of your favourite beverage.

As with all our products we only provide you with quality products that meet our strict standards. All products showcased on our site average 4-5 stars based on actual customer feedback.

As with our standard sized horns all our large drinking horns are also ethically sourced using sustainable practices.

Go Big with a Large or XL Drinking Horn

Large drinking horns make an excellent display piece in your bar, man cave or main living area. They standout making an excellent talking piece for any weary traveller entering your home.

Then when it comes to drinking from them, this is a whole other experience altogether.

With these over-sized products you may need to hold them with two hands when drinking to avoid spilling over a litre of your favourite beverage down your face.

We suggest getting some standard sixed drinking horns for the more common usage around your home, for events and special occasions. Then getting a large or XL drinking horn for those extra special occasions when you need to make a statement.

Of course there is nothing stopping you from using your large drinking horn as your everyday drinking vessel too, if you so desire. After all you have earned it and can do what you want!

So go on, scroll back up the page and get yourself a large or XL product, or a few today!

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