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Medieval drinking horns representing the medieval era are antique pieces, handcrafted to give the owner a feel of antiquity.

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Best Drinking Horn

Medieval Drinking Horn

Superb hand carved drinking horn with brass tip and rim. The carving is of Thors Hammer for all our Viking fans.

At 13 Inches long this horn holds approximately 16-20 ounces or 300-500mL.

Complete with its own stand, also made out of matching horn, you are set for a great display piece and a holder for when consuming your beverage.

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Best Medieval Mug

Extra Large Polished Horn Mug

This jumbo horn mug is available in both polished and unpolished, but we believe this polished version is best.

Supplied by Eleet you are again guaranteed of quality with this product.

Each mug is completely unique with a size range of 23 to 26 ounce capacity. That makes this a monster of a drinking vessel

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Why Medieval Drinking Horns?

Drinking horns have been used as drinking vessels since the early ages by civilisations across the world. Although they are associated with the Scandinavians, Greeks, and Romans, they are also popular in various other cultures too.

The medieval period saw drinking horns extend their reach to various parts of Europe. The era viewed these vessels as a status symbol. One could easily find medieval drinking horns in the homes of the rich merchants and royal nobles.

While they were still in use as a drinking vessel, their functionality became purely ceremonial. Since it signified class, drinking horns during this age were also considered a great gifting option.

Modern shows like the Game of Thrones have fascinated the current generation and triggered interest in the medieval era among them. Drinking Horns for Sale pampers every such fan with their range of medieval drinking horns.

Sure, you can flaunt them at the next party or a happening concert. But if you want to preserve your drinking horn, you have the option to reserve it for showcasing in your collection of precious items.

Medieval Drinking Horns at Drinking Horns for Sale

We have an extensive collection of medieval drinking horns made from authentic Ox-Horn. We also offer medieval inspired drinking horn cups, tankards, and mugs.

Every medieval drinking horn is designed to represent a time gone past, long ago. By owning one you can teleport to the medieval era.

Browse our site to find medieval drinking horns in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Choose a full horn style if you want a traditional, ancient piece or go for a drinking horn cup or mug if you want comfort attached to your drinking vessel.

You may use it yourself or make it a memorable gift for a loved one. Whatever you choose, our medieval drinking horn will surely add a touch of rarity and style to any drinking experience.

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