Drinking Horn Mugs, Cups & Tankards

Horn mugs and cups made from drinking horns gain the benefit of a supportive base which allows easy resting on the table between swigs. These designs are traditionally know as Horn Tankards.

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Our Best Choice Viking Horn Mugs

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Drinking Horn Mug

XL Authentic Drinking Horn Tankard

At 24 Ounce capacity, this is the perfect drinking vessel with a study handle to enjoy your Mead, Ale, Beer or other cold beverage.

The flat wooden base allows you to rest your mug on the table easily when in use. With a lifetime leakproof warranty you can be sure that this will stand the test of time.

These premium handcrafted tankard will take you back to medieval times. With over 2500 5 star reviews this top seller is a favourite among everyone.

Treated with food safe sealant and ethically sourced, you can sit back and enjoy this original style drinking horn mug.

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Best Horn Mugs Set

6 x 750mL Drinking Horn Mugs

Want to hold more beverage in your drinking horn and not have to worry about placing it gently back in its holder during swigs? These horn mugs are for you.

This matching set of 6 mugs are super high quality with premium wooden base to ensure a leak free product.

Ranging from 6-7 inches in height, each mug will hold 550-750mL of your favourite cold beverage, be it beer, mead, wine, ale or anything you desire.

Beautifully crafted with rings carved into the middle of the cup and an easy to hold handle.

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Popular Drinking Horn Tankards

If you’ve ever wanted to live like a Viking ruler, such as Ragnar Lothbrok, then a drinking horn tankard is a must-have.

Drinking horns created form cattle horns come in different styles including the full horn or a mug, which was more commonly called a tankard.

They have been used by ancient civilisations across the world. Yes, most popular civilisations, including our Old Norse Seafarers or Vikings, loved drinking from horns.

From gods and rulers to the general public, all have used drinking horn mugs to gulp their favourite beverage.

Drinking horn tankards are prized possessions that not only take you back to the distant past but also bestow you with ownership of a rare item.

A Drinking Horn Cup or Mug?

At Drinking Horns For Sale, we have a large variety of drinking horn mugs and cups. To appeal for different users, they come in varied sizes and shapes.

From small to extra large, you can find the size and style most suitable for your needs.

To differentiate, a cup is more like a tumbler or goblet which is the cylindrical part of the horn without a handle. A mug on the other hand, has the top part of the horn folded back on itself to make a handle.

These cups and mugs are available to provide users with a different feel when in the hand.

Designed to perfection, our drinking horn tankards can be used for anything from beer or wine tasting to drinking water.

Whether or not you are fascinated by old-age cultures, drinking horn cups are a perfect addition for anyone seeking trendy horn-ware. So the next time you are going for a party or a Viking Festival, make sure you have a drinking horn mug or cup you can take.

Why Choose a Drinking Horn Mug / Tankard?

All our drinking horn mugs are handcrafted with love and precision to provide you with a quality product. Authentic drinking horn mugs are made from cattle horn.

Each of our authentic drinking horn tankards are cleaned and cured to offer you with a safe drinking experience. Some are also given a polished look, while others are left with a natural finish.

Regardless, each of our products is sealed with food-safe material to make them durable to a variety of brews.

Historical facts suggest that civilisations used a variety of hornware, including drinking horn tankards, to relish their wine, beer, or mead. You will surely make a style statement by carrying your own drinking horn mug to your next occasion.

Use them at concerts and festivals to make a fashion statement, utilise them daily at home, or preserve them for special occasions. Whatever you chose to do with yours, drinking horn mugs will add an extra charm every time you use them.

Drinking horn mugs, cups and tankards are perfect to heartily drink ale, beer or any other tasty beverage you desire.

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