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Throughout this site you will find drinking horns available for shipping to countries worldwide. But on this page you will find products that are locally available in Australia. So c'mon, get one for you and a mate today!

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Australia's Favourites Viking Horns

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Drinking Horn Mug

XL Authentic Drinking Horn Tankard

At 24 Ounce capacity, this is the perfect drinking vessel with a study handle to enjoy your Mead, Ale, Beer or other cold beverage.

The flat wooden base allows you to rest your mug on the table easily when in use. With a lifetime leakproof warranty you can be sure that this will stand the test of time.

These premium handcrafted tankard will take you back to medieval times. With over 2500 5 star reviews this top seller is a favourite among everyone.

Treated with food safe sealant and ethically sourced, you can sit back and enjoy this original style drinking horn mug.

Best $AUD Price

Horn Mug Set

Large Drinking Horn Mug & Shot Set

Produced by Jomsborg this large drinking horn mug holds approx. 20 ounce (590mL) and fits comfortably in the hand for enjoying your favourite beverage. 

Complete with a shot cup also made from horn this is a perfect set that makes an excellent gift.

With a 100% leak free satisfaction you are assured of another quality product here.

Best $AUD Price

Drinking Horns are readily available to those in the United States and many other countries. But, what about all the Aussies in Australia?

We have taken care when selecting products on our site to make sure the sellers send to most countries. But on this page in particular, we have carefully selected Drinking Horns that specifically available in Australia. 

While you may be able to get a product from another page on our site to send to Australia, the products on this page will have less travel time so you can enjoy them quicker!

Large Drinking Horns Australia (XL)

Are you an Australian looking for a large or even XL Drinking Horn? We are talking so ridiculously big that it is just not practical... Well jump on these products while they last. They are quite rare and sell out fast!

Not only can you consume more beverage in a large or XL sized drinking horn, you also get to activate beast mode.

As each product is from a live animal, the size, shape, colour and even texture of each drinking horn is truly unique. This is why the super large horns are few and far between.

When in stock we will show them on our site. So, keep an eye out for them before they revert back to the more readily available standard size.

Which Drinking Horn Will You Choose?

Looking for something else? If you are an animal lover you may choose a drinking horn made from plastic or glass.

While not as authentic as the real thing, they resemble the iconic shape and give a similar experience when used. Plus you don't have to worry about a bad smell which can happen with new horns. After all they do come from a living animal.

Also plastic horns they are more durable so you don't have to worry so much about damaging them.

How about a traditional drinking horn tankard? These unique mug like designs use the horn bent back on itself to make an awesome handle. 

Or how about a set of four drinking horns with stands. Your Australian mates will be cheering on when you get a few of the same to all join in the fun together.

So, come on Aussie. Get yourself a Australian Viking drinking horn. With plenty of styles to choose from and shipping to all over the country, you now have no excuses!

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